Colour without compromising the integrity of your hair

Keune Bond Fusion Treatment

A premium in-salon professional treatment that allows colouring without compromising the integrity of the hair.

Bond fusion repairs and rebuilds broken disulphide bonds that are essential for healthy hair. Protects the inner structure of the hair. Leaves the hair up to 5 times more conditioned after uses and there is 43% less breakage.

$40 AUD

How Bond Fusion Works

Phase 1: Bond Builder

Phase 1 is added to your in-salon colour, helping to repair broken bonds and creating new ones to protect your hair during your colour service.

Phase 2: Bond Enhancer

Phase 2 is a deeply nourishing, restorative treatment applied after your colour service to strengthen the newly created bonds, sealing the hair strands to ensure a longer-lasting colour and condition.

Ergonomic Basins

Ultimate comfort and relaxation with head and neck support and a gentle massage option.

Luxe Spa-Like Treatments

Relaxing head massage, essential oil
infused eye masks and warm head towels.


Patio coffee, a wide selection of T2 teas, milk alternatives, sparkling mineral water, orange juice, beer and bubbles.